The First of Many…

Soooo… here it is! My first official blog post. The hardest part is getting started, right?! RIGHT! Wow, I haven’t blogged since I had to for a final project in college!! 😉

So here’s the scoop. I’ve been baking all my life but I’ve never really thought to “put it out there” because where I’m from… everybody bakes. It’s never really been something “out of the ordinary” to me… UNTIL! I’m moved to Spain. Here not many people seem to bake (let alone from scratch). So I’ve been encouraged to start a blog (which I have found to be a dangerous thing!… all blogs lead to MORE blogs!!!) Which means yet another thing I can use as an excuse to sit around on the computer doing instead of folding laundry 😉 So I will be blogging about my baking endeavors: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, you name it, I bake it! 🙂

In addition to my blog, (and I know I’m a bit late on this but I just discovered Pinterest… and I absolutely LOVE it! So far I have 14 boards and I’m ready to start up this blog so that I can upload MY pictures of things I’ve done to then link them to my own “Katie’s Cookies” board. A friend of mine told me about a baking contest in April that’s going to take place here in Madrid and we’ll see what category I decide to enter into. Some are judged just on looks which I think is a bummer. I bake for taste more so for prettiness of it! I think all too many people are all too easily WOWed by the appearance of cakes/cupcakes/decorated cookies and don’t focus enough on taste or just straight up don’t know how to value good made-completely-from-scratch home baked goods because they were brought up only on store-bought baked goods.

One thing I must go ahead and state upfront: I am not at all a fan of fondant. I think it tastes pretty fake, even if it’s homemade. I do however plan to give a “marshmallow fondant” recipe a go the next time I make a cake… it might turn my fondant frown upside-down. Who knows. To me, the texture and the clean-cut look of traditional fondant gives a really nice finish to a cake and it always looks snazzy…. But taste-wise it can’t hold a light to good old-fashioned buttercream!!!

Ok, well that’s enough for now. I could go on, but I haven’t yet quit my day job because baking and blogging do not pay the bills quite yet 😉


3 responses

  1. riquísimos y la presentación excelente ,le encargue unos cookies para el cumple de mi hija por medio de mi hermana q la conoce y me encantaron el próximo año para la primera comunión de mi niña también le pediré unos cookies

  2. Absolutely amazing Katie!!!! You are amazing!!!! Congrats on all the orders you have been getting. All your creations look perfect. Keep up the awesome work and have fun creating new, delicious recipes. It is so much fun coming up with new things!!! Joe is already asking for the Tortillia de Patatas. I told him he will have read your notes to learn how to make it himself. I will let you know if he decides to try.

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