Chocolate Mint Birthday Cupcakes

So it was my friend Jenny’s birthday in April but she decided to celebrate in early March and we all know that once March rolls around, everyone thinks green (Shamrock Shakes, St. Patty’s Day, etc). As chance would have it, Jenny and I both share the love of the color green (any shade of green really). So when deciding what to bring to her birthday bowling bash I knew I wanted to incorporate green into the overall look of what I made. So I started with my “go-to” traditional chocolate cake recipe from the Better Home’s and Gardens Cook Book and tampered with it from there.

As a side note, whenever I bake I always have my laptop in the kitchen with me… whether to blast some good tunes or to watch a new episode of one of my favorite TV shows, my laptop is there on the counter top trying to stay flour or cocoa powder-free as I whip up my latest creation. Well, one of the new shows I’ve been recently hooked on has been Cupcake Wars. While watching one of the crazy Taste Challenge rounds of the show I decided to inject Nocilla into the center of my traditional chocolate cupcakes and top them with a mint frosting (which I colored green with food coloring) and an “after eight”-like mint candy. They turned out really well! Here’s a pic!


2 responses

  1. Thanks!! 🙂 I hope to make them again soon! Although I’m trying to conserve my mint extract. I really should have bought two bottles of it when I was last in the US instead of just one!!! 😉

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