Zucchini – my new favorite experimental ingredient!!!

Hello again everyone! 🙂

After being able to talk people into trying my carrot cake and getting rave reviews (even though at first they were very hesitant knowing there was a veggie in their dessert), I decided to try making zucchini bread!!

Since I was planning to make a “breakfasty” type of dessert for an upcoming bowling tournament our club was holding, I decided it’d be just as good of a time as ever to try out a zucchini bread recipe. I searched my favorite recipe website: www.allrecipes.com and of course there were a million and one different posted recipes. So I chose one and made it my own (cutting the sugar down a significant amount)… it turned out so well that we ended up eating about half of it before the tournament! So I needed something else to go with the remaining bread.

Luckily a friend of mine passed along an AWESOME new recipe for Giant Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies that she came across in a blog called One Perfect Bite. They turned out great, and both the cookies and the bread got scarfed up within minutes. I’m not sure which dessert everyone liked more! 🙂

I have an extra zucchini in the fridge now (because one whole zucchini was enough for this recipe – it yielded 2+ cups of shredded zucchini!!)… I wonder what I’ll use the extra one in!!


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