My creations for the EXPOTARTA contest

So a lot of time and thought went into my EXPOTARTA cupcakes for the decorating contest…. Here are some crazy pictures during “the making of”

(These are some “new toys” that I bought from the American store to liven up my decorations!

(Here I’m coloring my homemade Royal Icing to go with the same color scheme as the fondant I bought)

(These were the royal icing cupcake toppers that I came up with…
the only downside to these is that it takes them FOREVER to dry thus causing them to tend to crack!)

(I also purchased the “grass” icing tip for my baker’s icing bag… I LOVE the results!)

(It took a while to pick and choose the best ones
-you can see the trial cupcakes in the background!-
and then I had to figure out how I wanted to set them up!)

I think they turned out pretty well!!!! 🙂 I made it look like you were on a little cupcake picnic!
I took a TON of pictures of them!


And here’s a picture of them all set up at EXPOTARTA along with the 25 other contestants.

Unfortunately for me, many of the participants were bakery owners and have a lot more experience with fondant than I do… The winners all used fondant to sculpt little people/figures to put on top of their cupcakes. I’ve always been more in favor of paying attention to the taste rather than just the presentation! That’s just the way I roll!! haha.

Anyway, it was a fun experience overall. Thanks, everyone for taking such an interest in my creations! Thanks again for reading!!! 🙂


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  1. I think it’s awesome that you were surrounded by bakery owners at this contest! It shows you’re in the big leagues : ) and I love that what America exports to the world is “edible glitter”! haha!

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