Caught without cocoa powder

How is it June already?! Where did May go? Well, I apologize again for not updating as soon as I wanted to. The truth be told, I’ve been a busy baking bee! (which is a good thing!) And something that comes along with baking so much is assuming that I always have the ingredients I need to make just about anything, stocked infinitely in my baking cabinet.

A few weeks ago I woke up early in order to make some chocolate cupcakes with mint icing. I was halfway through making the batter when much to my surprise I realized that I had next to no unsweetened cocoa powder left! I didn’t have time to run to the store, so, I decided to “wing it” as I’ve done before in the past….. however, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy given that I was going to be substituting an unsweetened chocolatey powder for sweetened melted chocolate bars…

For that very reason, they turned out like this:

They rose beautifully in the oven, but once they were done, they sunk in the middle leaving a crater-like pit in the center! So even though they turned out to be a bit disastrous, that crater was just oh so perfect enough to FILL with icing!!! haha. I was making these for our Monday night bowling league where no one minds being my dessert guinea pig. The fantastic thing was though that someone new tried these very “disaster cupcakes” and ordered a dozen from me for the following week! I decided to fill the order baking them according to my recipe though! It’s quite difficult to survive a baking disaster let alone remember how to repeat it again if all goes well and people like it!

But some of the greatest recipes of mine have been recipes I’ve found and then tweaked because I was stuck without an ingredient but was able to fudge my way around it! Don’t be afraid to experiment! It’s very rare that what you make will get tossed instead of eaten regardless of how ugly it might look! I got lucky this time that I was able to cover up my mini disaster with mint icing! Then I got creative with the extras!!!! 😉



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