Birthday Cake

Since I’m the person that usually makes birthday cakes for everyone else while here in Madrid, when it’s my birthday… I’ve never really known what to do!

It’s a little strange to make your own birthday cake, right? Well this year, I got lucky. My cousin has been visiting from the US for the past week or so, and her mom (my aunt and godmother) is the one who makes a lot of the birthday cakes for the family. I’ve missed her birthday cakes for the past few years but this year she managed to “make” me a cake of sorts. When my cousin first got here and started unpacking her things, she whipped out a brand new cake pan and an index card with my mom-mom’s chocolate cake recipe written out on it by my aunt! So their b-day gift to me was providing me with all the necessary tools so that my cousin could help me make my birthday cake!

Mom-mom’s famous chocolate cake is known for being mega dark, super moist yet with a crispy top (which technically ends up being the bottom of the cake) topped with a sweet white vanilla icing. It’s made with sour milk (which is naturally soured with time or regular milk soured by adding a bit of vinegar to the batter). I didn’t have sour milk or vinegar… but it turned out surprisingly well! …that is except for the fact that the pan seems a little warped since as soon as I put the batter in, umm, well, it started to ooze out the bottom a bit! So we quick slapped it in the oven and crossed our fingers!!! Check out the pictures!

My cousin Emma and I excited for some cake baking!

The batter and the recipe!

It turned out nice and dark!

Somehow it sprung a leak!

Ok, so I have to say that it’s not my best work… (I ended up using some leftover icing and homemade CHOCOLATE fondant that I had to use up, so the colors don’t quite go together! lol)
But it was quite tasty nevertheless! We ate it, crumbs and all! 🙂

Here’s a close up of the inside… I love that it turned out to be super dark chocolate!

Would you like a piece?

Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA this summer… it’s just that with all this heat, I have less and less desire to turn on the oven!!! I’m sure once fall hits I’ll be back into the swing of things!!! 🙂


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