While I enjoy visiting with family and friends in the US, I know that I am also missed in Spain while I’m gone. So I decided that although on the pricy side, I was going to send my beau some homemade cookies! The smallest international flat rate box was comically small… but somehow I managed to squeeze in a batch of chocolate mint cookies, a t-shirt, and a card!

This recipe says that you should make the dough ahead of time (letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight) then bake them in the typical slice-and-bake sense the next day. Buuuut, I didn’t want to wait overnight. So I found that putting the dough in the freezer (while making the icing) worked out nicely.

I thoroughly enjoyed borrowing my mother’s Kitchen Aid once again! 🙂


If you follow the recipe, you slice and bake the cookies and then put icing on the top of each cookie. Given the fact that I wanted to send these overseas, I didn’t think they’d ship that well. So I made them into sandwich cookies 🙂



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