Every year my aunt and uncle host a Labor Day Picnic at their house. Everyone brings a crockpot filled with food, a salad, or a dessert of some sort. My cousins and I go to their house ahead of time to help clean the house and prepare the food. Usually I am just a helping hand in the party’s preparation but this year I decided that I was also going to make a dessert myself. I chose to make Tiramisu since it was something a little more out of the ordinary and it turned out really well the last time I made it.

Wellllllll… this time it turned out more like TiramiSOUP!!!! I mistakingly bought fat free whipping cream which my grandmother (in all her baking years of wisdom) said that I would never be able to get it to really whip to a cream… and she was right! There was no way, no how. It just remained a liquid, no matter how long I tried to whip it….

Luckily the end result wasn’t a complete disaster because let’s face it, if you put whipping cream, sugar, ladyfingers, powdered chocolate, and a grated Hershey’s chocolate bar on virtually anything, it’ll still be delicious enough to eat even if the consistency isn’t what you wanted it to be!!

People ended up using it as a type of sauce to dip a cookie in or put over a brownie! haha… It was a hit even though I felt as though it was a disaster! That’s why I love baking so much! You try new things and even though it may not turn out exactly as you want it to, baking very rarely results in complete disaster!!!


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