Jubilee Jumbles (the disappearing cookies)

These cookies are the family favorite without a doubt! Since they have icing that needs to set, it’s takes longer to make them… so that usually means that we don’t bake (or get the pleasure of eating) them that often. So they are special occasion cookies! I decided to make them for the first day back at bowling practice. I had been in the US for 2 and a half months, and you can tell by the picture that everyone missed me…. or rather, my cookies!!! I barely had time to take a picture before they all disappeared! 😉

Two things that go well together: Cookies & Bowling!!!


2 responses

  1. by far my favorite………………that’s why they had to hide them in the dryer at the labor day picnic, every year a new hiding spot.. they will run out of places eventually ha ha

    Love Aunt Sue

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