I bought a KitchenAid Mixer!!!!!


I fiiiiiiinally bought my own KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a happy dance with me!!!


I bought it on amazon.es, and I went for the cheapest one I could find… (because man they cost a pretty penny!) I would have loved to have bought the green apple colored one… buuuut I went for the red one instead because it would have been 100 euros more expensive to get the color I wanted… But I love the red one just the same because it’s mine!!!!! It has been WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t believe I used to mix all of my recipes by hand before this!

I ordered it on November 1st and by November 6th UPS came knocking at my door!!!! And I haven’t stopped baking since! It’s the ULTIMATE new kitchen toy!
Here are some fun “unboxing” pictures… 🙂


A box, inside of a box…


…inside of another box… (keeping it well protected!!)
Noooooot to “smash it with a hammer!”


(love that movie) ANYWAY…


Love at first sight!!! 🙂


There she is!!!!


I cleared a space for my KA the night before it was due to arrive so that…


TaDa!!!!!!!!!! It fits in so nicely!


LOVE it!

If you’ve got a KA of your own, let me know what you love to use it for the most!

It arrived just in time for Thanksgiving and I made some AWESOME mashed potatoes!! So creamy!
Other years it was a nightmare doing it over the stove and constantly having to mix and heat and mix and heat…


Keep an eye out for new blog posts!!!! Trust me, I’ve kept busy mixing up recipes with my KA mixer and I baked up a storm during the holidays!!!
Lots of updates coming soon!!!!

Thanks for reading! It’s nice to be back!!!


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