Pumpkin Bars

Given the spirit of Thanksgiving I get in quite a pumpkin-y mood! So when I went to Taste of America to get the American imported products I need for our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, I bought extra cans of pumpkin. Pumpkin bars have always been a family favorite, but I don’t remember ever making them… my aunt usually does. So I figured I’d give it a go!



This was only the second recipe I have made using my new KitchenAid. After the craziness of the whoopie pies, I figured I’d stick to a tried and true family favorite!



I ❤ Pumpkin!!!!



When I put the batter in my 9×13 inch pan I thought it would all fit… Good thing I decided to split it into two pans!
They got a little toasty and cracked on the top, but nothing a little cream cheese icing can’t fix!



I feel like the I have the power to whip anything with my KA! The icing was ready in a flash!



Put the two together and you get Pumpkin Bars!!!

My family uses the recipe from Better Homes and Garden’s CookBook… but it’s also online! 
Go check it out if you’re interested: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/bars/autumn-pumpkin-bars/ 

As a rule of thumb I always read recipes (especially the ingredients) first and see if there is anything I might want to tweak. Granted, if I’m looking at a new recipe that isn’t similar to anything I have ever made before, I try to follow the recipe closely so that when I’m finished and I can see how it turned out and know what to change for the next time.



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