Happy Turkey (and Pie) Day!!!!

So little did I know that my fantastic boyfriend had bought me a Christmas gift in early November and he couldn’t stand it any more… he just had to give it to me! So the night before I was going to be making apple pies for the Thanksgiving dinner… TaDa!!!!!

My very first KitchenAid attachment!!! It’s an awesome slicer/peeler/shredder!!!!


Unfortunately it slices apples too thin so I couldn’t use it for my apple pie preparations… but I know it’ll be great for many more recipes to come!


How do you like them apples? A perfect assortment for 2 huge apple pies!


This is my favorite part of the preparation!!!
My sister and I used to fight over who got to stir in the cinnamon and sugar… in order to be the official taste-tester of course!!! 😉


I also made my first ever pumpkin pie! It went over really well!



And just because… I have to show how awesome the bird turned out as well!


And the perfect plate: made up of a little taste of everything!


I used the KA to whip up some awesome mashed potatoes, the batter for the cornbread, the pumpkin pie batter, and the pie crusts!
It defiantly helped cut down on time of prep work!!



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