Happy Turkey (and Pie) Day!!!!

So little did I know that my fantastic boyfriend had bought me a Christmas gift in early November and he couldn’t stand it any more… he just had to give it to me! So the night before I was going to be making apple pies for the Thanksgiving dinner… TaDa!!!!!

My very first KitchenAid attachment!!! It’s an awesome slicer/peeler/shredder!!!!


Unfortunately it slices apples too thin so I couldn’t use it for my apple pie preparations… but I know it’ll be great for many more recipes to come!


How do you like them apples? A perfect assortment for 2 huge apple pies!


This is my favorite part of the preparation!!!
My sister and I used to fight over who got to stir in the cinnamon and sugar… in order to be the official taste-tester of course!!! 😉


I also made my first ever pumpkin pie! It went over really well!



And just because… I have to show how awesome the bird turned out as well!


And the perfect plate: made up of a little taste of everything!


I used the KA to whip up some awesome mashed potatoes, the batter for the cornbread, the pumpkin pie batter, and the pie crusts!
It defiantly helped cut down on time of prep work!!



Half-sized Whoopie Pies

So I spent a while trying to decide what would be the first thing I should make in my new KitchenAid. I knew I wanted to make something that required some sort of icing so I could put it’s whipping power to the test! The weekend before my KA arrived, we took a trip to Segovia and I discovered this great store called “CASA” (HOUSE) and I tried to limit myself to only buying one or two things (because I could have gone crazy in there!!). I saw a whoopie pie pan and thought, that’s it!!! I’ll find a whoopie pie recipe to use as my first recipe in the new KitchenAid! In hindsight I probably should have stuck to a recipe I already knew and trusted… I had to doctor this recipe as I went! But really the recipe didn’t matter, I still had a blast using my KA for the first time!


Soooo once I got all the necessary ingredients together I started whipping up the batter for the chocolate cakey-cookie part…..



I added the last few necessary ingredients and started using the big ice cream scoop (that has barely ever been used for actual ice cream scooping to be honest) and started measuring out the batter onto my new whoopie pie pan.

They turned out pretty well… Although not as flat as I would have liked…


Now, I must say that traditionally whoopie pies are two cakey-cookies put together sandwich style with cream in the middle… But sandwich cookies are usually too much for me. I for one would always prefer 2 smaller cookies over just 1 big one…. So when I realized just how massive they would turn out to be sandwich style, I decided to put the cream on top of each cookie instead of in the middle of two cookies.


I even made a chocolate cream version for us chocolate (with even more chocolate) fans out there!


Looking forward to sharing my 2nd KA story! I’ve been using most of my free time to use my KitchenAid instead of updating you all on my blog! I hope to share more recipes, pics, and tips soon!

I bought a KitchenAid Mixer!!!!!


I fiiiiiiinally bought my own KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a happy dance with me!!!


I bought it on amazon.es, and I went for the cheapest one I could find… (because man they cost a pretty penny!) I would have loved to have bought the green apple colored one… buuuut I went for the red one instead because it would have been 100 euros more expensive to get the color I wanted… But I love the red one just the same because it’s mine!!!!! It has been WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t believe I used to mix all of my recipes by hand before this!

I ordered it on November 1st and by November 6th UPS came knocking at my door!!!! And I haven’t stopped baking since! It’s the ULTIMATE new kitchen toy!
Here are some fun “unboxing” pictures… 🙂


A box, inside of a box…


…inside of another box… (keeping it well protected!!)
Noooooot to “smash it with a hammer!”


(love that movie) ANYWAY…


Love at first sight!!! 🙂


There she is!!!!


I cleared a space for my KA the night before it was due to arrive so that…


TaDa!!!!!!!!!! It fits in so nicely!


LOVE it!

If you’ve got a KA of your own, let me know what you love to use it for the most!

It arrived just in time for Thanksgiving and I made some AWESOME mashed potatoes!! So creamy!
Other years it was a nightmare doing it over the stove and constantly having to mix and heat and mix and heat…


Keep an eye out for new blog posts!!!! Trust me, I’ve kept busy mixing up recipes with my KA mixer and I baked up a storm during the holidays!!!
Lots of updates coming soon!!!!

Thanks for reading! It’s nice to be back!!!

Tortilla de Patatas 2…. 3 & 4!!!

Back in March I wrote about the many steps it takes to make ONE tortilla de patatas and this summer my family asked me to make one for them. I was eager for them to be able to try this traditional Spanish dish, however, my family is quite large (therefore, just ONE tortilla de patatas wouldn’t be enough). My mom then reminded me that I could use her KitchenAid mixer attachment to help slice the potatoes! She encouraged me to make them without even peeling the potatoes which I never thought to do since in Spain people peel virtually everything (apples, pears, peaches, etc) before eating them. So I decided to go for it: leaving the peel of the potatoes was going to save me a lot of work!

So I set myself up for slicing the potatoes with the help of the KitchenAid mixer:

Slicing up the potatoes was SOOOOOOOOOO easy thanks to the KitchenAid!

Potatoes sliced & onions diced!

My dad helped me fry all the potatoes… we had a great production line going on!

My first KitchenAid utensil (and most recent new kitchen “toy”) came in handy when frying the potatoes in the hot oil.

This is just one of four tortillas cooking!

I think it took around 4 or 5 hours to make them all for the family party that day!

But it was time well spent!

Everyone loved them!!!!


Zucchini Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins (Joe’s Bday Party 1)

In preparation for my cousin Joe’s family birthday party at my parents’ house (that Katie’s Cookies was asked to cater all the desserts) I made the batter to my zucchini chocolate chocolate chip muffins the night before the party.

Of course I took advantage that I was able to use my mom’s KitchenAid mixer using the attachment to grate the zucchini!!!

It allowed me to grate 4 zucchinis in no time!!!

I left the batter in the refrigerator overnight and it was perfect the next morning, ready to be put in the oven!

I bought little paper baking cups to make it easier to take them straight out of the oven and pop another batch in. They worked out great!

But the thing that worked out the best, was using my new kitchen toy…. a small ice cream scoop! It made it so easy to spoon the batter into each individual baking cup!

By using the small ice cream scoop… there are no drips on your pan or countertop (aka – easier clean up!)

In the oven… making 48 mini muffins at a time!

They turned out great! Very daaaark chocolate! 🙂

Birthday Cake

Since I’m the person that usually makes birthday cakes for everyone else while here in Madrid, when it’s my birthday… I’ve never really known what to do!

It’s a little strange to make your own birthday cake, right? Well this year, I got lucky. My cousin has been visiting from the US for the past week or so, and her mom (my aunt and godmother) is the one who makes a lot of the birthday cakes for the family. I’ve missed her birthday cakes for the past few years but this year she managed to “make” me a cake of sorts. When my cousin first got here and started unpacking her things, she whipped out a brand new cake pan and an index card with my mom-mom’s chocolate cake recipe written out on it by my aunt! So their b-day gift to me was providing me with all the necessary tools so that my cousin could help me make my birthday cake!

Mom-mom’s famous chocolate cake is known for being mega dark, super moist yet with a crispy top (which technically ends up being the bottom of the cake) topped with a sweet white vanilla icing. It’s made with sour milk (which is naturally soured with time or regular milk soured by adding a bit of vinegar to the batter). I didn’t have sour milk or vinegar… but it turned out surprisingly well! …that is except for the fact that the pan seems a little warped since as soon as I put the batter in, umm, well, it started to ooze out the bottom a bit! So we quick slapped it in the oven and crossed our fingers!!! Check out the pictures!

My cousin Emma and I excited for some cake baking!

The batter and the recipe!

It turned out nice and dark!

Somehow it sprung a leak!

Ok, so I have to say that it’s not my best work… (I ended up using some leftover icing and homemade CHOCOLATE fondant that I had to use up, so the colors don’t quite go together! lol)
But it was quite tasty nevertheless! We ate it, crumbs and all! 🙂

Here’s a close up of the inside… I love that it turned out to be super dark chocolate!

Would you like a piece?

Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA this summer… it’s just that with all this heat, I have less and less desire to turn on the oven!!! I’m sure once fall hits I’ll be back into the swing of things!!! 🙂

Littlest Pet Shop Cupcakes

So I’m really starting to get into decorating with fondant!!! It really brings me back to my play dough creation days!!! haha. Anyway, so the most recent dessert request I had was making 2 dozen cupcakes decorated with the theme of Littlest Pet Shop. I’d like to thank two of my English students (Clara and Bea) for letting me borrow some of their Littlest Pet Shop Toys so that I could use them as models as I was shaping the fondant to resemble them!!! I think they turned out pretty well… let me know what you think!!!!

They were a lot of work but really a LOT of fun to make! I love being asked “Do you think you can make __X__?” I ❤ a challenge! Let me know if you have a new challenge for me 😉

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

PS – Here’s a picture of my new favorite toys/tools that make fondant molding much more fun. If you think you’d like to get into using fondant… these are a must have!!!

Happy baking everyone!!!