Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

As a kid my family and I would go visit my great grandparents and we would always go to this awesome restaurant called the Dansbury Depot which was made from really old train cars. I recently learned that there was a kitchen fire a couple of years ago that forced the Depot to shut down. Soon after the fire, the town fought to have the Depot renovated and moved to a different location… so it open again!

Anyway, this all got me thinking about the AMAZING lemon poppy seed bread that also goes hand in hand with the memories of being with my great grandparents and the rest of my family and watching the model train ride around the top of the rafters of that train car restaurant. So I went searching for poppy seeds and I found them the other day in the store TIGER of all places. I made muffins instead of the bread because, well, muffins are more grab’n go friendly!

These are the poppy seeds that I bought. They originally came in a bag, but I bought this cute little container from TIGER as well! (For only 1 euro) 😉

YUMMMM! They turned out so well! Although next time I think I’ll add in some lemon zest (not just lemon juice) to give it more of a zing!

I love making mini muffins too! I can’t wait to make them again!

As always, thanks for reading! I love reading all your comments, so keep them coming! 🙂